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A growth and M&A advisory.

Founded in white space.

To help you find yours.

We are Lazare.

We're something that doesn't have
a name yet.

Lazare is neither a typical banker, nor M&A broker, nor strategy consultant.  We’re a new type of resource.  A hybrid that blends these three skills to help growth-minded entrepreneurs find opportunity in a world where old definitions of a buyer and a seller are evolving.  And where it’s increasingly possible for independents to remain independent and thrive.

Our focus:

Supporting clients across the Marketing Technology, Creative, Digital, and Data Space.

We're different. No, seriously.

no vested interests.

no hidden agendas.

100% objective.

More listeners than talkers.

We help buyers buy.

Sellers sell.  Independents stay independent. 

And all find white space to grow.

offering services to support clients across the lifecycle of growth.

What's on your mind?

I'm unsure what to do but I know I need to grow.

I think I want to buy.

I think I want to sell.

A team of advisors, operators, executives and partners.

With deep experience leading change in fluid, talent-led environments.

Helping clients find and create value in the Marketing Technology, Digital and Data Space.


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