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We're different. No, seriously.

Lazare Partners is a hybrid that exists in the white space between the current resources in the market. 

Specifically designed for a world where the definitions of a typical buyer or seller are evolving. 

And where it’s increasingly possible for strong independents to remain independent and thrive.

No vested interests.

We created Lazare as a growth advisory to help clients find new ways to create value. Buying or selling are just means to an end.  But when growth is the objective, other solutions become viable as well.


No hidden agendas.

Unlike some in our space, we do not exclusively represent any single buyer nor are we on retainer with a stable of sellers.  Which means we are free to find and recommend the best potential partners, not just the ones we know.


100% objective.

As neither a typical M&A banker nor a broker, we have no in-going bias or preference for one growth solution over another.  At times, growth may involve an acquisition.  Or a sale. But it might also come from identifying new organic opportunities to tap.


Listeners more than talkers.

We don’t walk into engagements with “the answer” in hand.  Instead, we focus on asking the right questions, getting at the real issues and opportunities, keeping minds open, exploring all the options, and then working with clients to define the solution that work best for them, not the one that is convenient for us.

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