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What We Do

Our approach to growth is solution-agnostic.

Lazare offers a range of advisory services designed to help you grow, whether that involves an acquisition, a sale, or just finding new ways of unlocking organic opportunities. Unlike many in the space, we don’t try to fit you into our “box”. Instead, we tailor our approach to best fit your needs, and structure our process to make sense for your business. 

MarketEnt and growth

partner search


A comprehensive and bespoke process for identifying, engaging, and evaluating the best potential acquisition prospects, not just those known to be "for sale".

market entry


A tailor-made process for clients seeking to enter new markets, including go-to-market strategy, market analysis, benchmarking, and sourcing and evaluation of strategic partnerships.

growth strategy


A nuanced approach for developing and executing pragmatic strategies for growth, whether that involves buying, selling, or tapping into new organic opportunities.

Parner Search

full M&A


A flexible, phased offering to support Buy-side and Sell-side clients across the entire acquisition lifecycle, from engaging the best partners to successfully closing a deal.



A hands-on, practitioner-led approach to designing and executing successful partner integrations that drive synergies, deliver quick-wins, and create value. 

M and A - integration



A structured, sequenced process to help businesses transform, reorganize, and improve their performance in order to create a platform of growth.

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