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The best acquisitions — the ones that create the most value and just seem to work — are often with partners who thought they were “two years away from selling”.  But the process of finding, engaging, and persuading Independents who are not actively “for sale” takes skill, patience, and a deft touch. 


Lazare, as a growth advisory, provides clients with a neutral, non-threatening voice in market. To help them successfully engage prospects who may be leery of speaking to bankers or brokers. And to get the best of those to consider potential growth partnerships, and come to the table with genuine interest.

If you think you want to buy, here's a few questions we'd like you to think about - then please e-mail us.

1. What “problem” are you solving for with an acquisition?

2. Have you considered alternative options?

3. Are you structured to manage your business AND the acquisition process?

4. Where can you flex on a deal?  What’s non-negotiable?

5.How will an acquisition help you create net new value in Year 1?  In Year 5?

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