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Entrepreneurial founders today are faced with more options than ever.  But more decisions to make as well. Buyers are looking for ever more discreet capabilities. Non-traditional players are aggressively entering the fray. Digital is making it possible for micro-networks to service global brands. 


With no in-going bias, no pre-dispositions, and no “boilerplate solutions”, Lazare can be a valuable asset in this fluid environment.


Because while the basic mechanics of a deal haven’t changed, the levers you can pull to create real value — value for you, your business, your clients, and stakeholders — have.

If you are thinking about selling, here's a few questions we'd like you to think about - then please e-mail us.

1. Are you selling primarily for future growth or current gain?

2. Is your leadership team aligned and supportive? Would you consider selling to them?

3. Are you comfortable "working for somebody else"?

4. Is your business a legacy or a livelihood?


5. What do you hope for from a global M&A growth advisor? what do you fear you'll get?

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